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2019-09-18 15:25 ‘Some people say Death’s heart is as dead and black as a piece of coal, but that is not true. Beneath his inky cloak, Death’s heart is as red as the most beautiful sunset and beats with a great love of life.
‘Moments later, the children heard the upstairs window open. Then, in a voice somewhere between a cry and whisper, Death said, “Fly, soul. Fly, fly away.”
Looking at the children, Death said quietly,
“Cry, Heart, but never break. Let your tears of grief and sadness help begin new life.”
Then he was gone.’

- 도서관에 들렀다가 우연히 발견한 책. 아이가 있었다면 꼭 보여주고 싶을 책이다. 그림도 내용도 너무 아름답다.
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2019-09-18 16:21 두개의 그림책을 더 뽑아왔는데 이상하게도 색감과 목소리가 비슷하다.
하나는 Karen Hesse가 쓰고 G. Brian Karas가 그린 ‘Night Jobs’.
또 한권은 Troy Howell이 쓰고 Richard Jones가 그린 ‘Whale in a Fishbowl’.

둘다 엉엉 울며 봤고😳
‘Whale in a Flsibowl’은 킨들 버전이 있길래​ 샀다.
디지털 버전이 색감이 훨씬 쨍하지만(마지막 사진 참고) 역시 종이책의 감동을 따라오긴 힘드네.
#books #picturebooks #NightJob #WhaleinaFishbowl​

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